Strategic Design Workshop


In Person Design Workshop

Design workshops are an opportunity for teams to collaborate to spark innovation, foster a user-centric mindset, and work together towards a common goal. Our designers will meet with your team in person (or remote) to untangle a problem by going through a series of group exercises and discussions.  At the end, you’ll have an actionable, fresh perspective and roadmap to tackle a pressing problem.


  • 1-3 Full Days
  • 2 Designers & Your Team


  • Design Blueprint
Problems We Solve

Topics Covered

  • Business Model
  • Company & Product Vision
  • Personas & User Journeys
  • Business & Product Problems
  • Competitors
  • Features & Backburner
  • Success Metrics

Perfect For

  • New apps with complex workflows
  • "First to market" products
  • Apps in technical or specialized areas (such as pharmaceuticals or healthcare)
  • Larger scoped projects and engagements (3+ months)


Call with Our Founder

We start with a conversation about your product, business objectives, target users and desired results so we can understand what problems you’re trying to solve. We'll determine how many days we'll need for the workshop and select a venue. The venue can either be at our offices in downtown Raleigh or we can travel to meet your team. It should be a dedicated space (generally a conference room) with a large TV or projector and whiteboards for sketching journey maps and sticky notes.

With the advent of Covid-19, we are doing most of our design workshops remote, with sessions limited to 2 hours each. While in person is still preferable to build rapport, these are still effective over video conference.

In Person (or Remote) Workshop

We'll sit down with your team in person and dive deep into your business and product. Part of this is a learning process for us, but the main benefit is to gain clarity.  The workshop aims to align our teams on where the product is now and where it should go. From this we construct a clear roadmap on how to get there. This sample deck outlines the topics covered.

Depending on the complexity of the product and industry, this can take as many as 1 to 5 full days. While it's possible to run a remote sprint, it's ideal for people to be in the same physical space to curb distractions and keep teams focused.

Generally the more people involved in the workshop, the better. Having decision makers is vital, ideally from various departments (tech, marketing, customer service, finance).

Design Blueprint

The deliverable from our workshop is a Design Blueprint that recaps everything from our workshop. It serves as a reference to guide the vision and strategy for the product moving forward.  It also helps us scope out a timeline and details of our Visualize service.