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Funnel redesign boosts filter subscriptions by 650%

We began working with Second Nature (formerly FilterEasy) in early 2017.  After raising their Series B, the Raleigh-based air filter subscription startup began pouring their funding into advertising and improvements to their ecommerce website and custom checkout funnel.

Initially we served as design and usability consultants.  Our focus was optimizing the website’s custom checkout funnel to ensure the process was perfectly clear and intuitive to visitors.  The site was handling tens of thousands of orders per month, making it critical that every detail of the checkout be thoroughly scrutinized and tested. The company later rebranded and we were asked to redesign their entire checkout funnel and marketing site from scratch.

Mar 2017 - Aug 2020
Strategy, UX/UI Design, Design & Usability Consulting, Illustration, Animation, User Testing, Webflow Development


Conversion Rate Increase
FilterEasy rebranded to Second Nature and asked us to redesign their checkout funnel and website.


Conversion Rate Increase
Average Order Value Increase
During the first few months working together, we performed design and usability audits on a custom checkout funnel with a goal of simplifying the process and removing friction.

“We implemented every suggestion Dreamten gave us and the results were profound. These guys are the best at what they do—they truly understand their craft.”

James Fredley
CMO, Second Nature
James Fredley, CMO, Second Nature

A Complete Overhaul

In early 2019, Second Nature expanded their product line to include water filters. After going through a rebrand, their team wanted to reimagine the entire digital experience from the ground up. Taking all of the insights gathered from the original funnel, we reimagined a new, further simplified checkout process that seamlessly included this new product offering. We incorporated feedback from dozens of customer interviews and user testing sessions, giving us a high degree of confidence the UX was intuitive and would work flawlessly at launch.

Fun & Approachability

Second Nature wanted to make sure its brand was fun, approachable, and didn’t take itself too seriously. Let’s face it... air and fridge filters aren’t the most exciting products on Earth. To serve this goal, we created hundreds of fun, unique, quirky illustrations used throughout their marketing website and checkout process, to make doing business with the company not feel like work.

Second Nature Illustration
Second Nature Illustration
Second Nature Illustration
Second Nature Illustration
Second Nature Illustration
Second Nature Illustration
Second Nature Illustration
Second Nature Illustration
Second Nature Illustration
Second Nature Illustration
Second Nature Illustration

Carrying it Through

This project was a true overhaul of Second Nature’s entire digital presence. After completing checkout, we carried the design theme and aesethetic through all areas of the website including the home page, product detail pages, the blog, customer account, careers, about, SEO pages and more.

While the checkout was built by Second Nature’s team, Dreamten built the marketing and CMS portions of the website in Webflow. This greatly sped up our development time and made it simple for the Second Nature team to pick up where we left off.

Second Nature lifestyle shot with cute puppy :)
Second Nature Home Page
Second Nature Home Page Cont.

“Dreamten’s design work is usually pixel perfect. The value they deliver definitely justifies the cost.  I can’t recommend them enough.”

Griffin Kelton
Director of Digital Experience, Second Nature
Griffin Kelton, Director of Digital Experience, Second Nature