Standardizing pharmaceutical creation through software


One of the most difficult and expensive processes in the creation of pharmaceuticals is a process referred to as the technology transfer.  This means the communication of the recipe for a drug (the process, materials, and equipment) to a manufacturer to be produced.  This process is cumbersome and the slightest changes can cost millions and add months, sometimes years to the development lifecycle.

With over 20 years of experience working with dozens of pharmaceutical companies, Rondaxe was in a unique position to standardize and systematize this process with software. The TechTransfer software increases speed, reduces risk & standardizes collaboration, helping bring crucial drugs to market faster.

6 Weeks for initial app design, 2 Weeks for marketing website
Strategy, Creative Direction, Branding, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Website Design, Webflow Development

Recipe Creation

Rondaxe had formulated a language with a series of predefined words to write recipes from which any small molecule drug could be constructed. We wanted to ensure scientists would be able to enter the recipes as quickly as possible. After iterating on a few solutions, we came up with a method of entering recipe that resembled code in an IDE.

Design Infrastructure

We then designed the pages that helped a user manage projects, materials, and files, as well as to navigate throughout the app. Rondaxe customers were excited to see the designs and the product take shape.

Constructing a Design System

We provided the engineers with a visual UI kit via our Systematize service. The app was being built in React, and each of the design elements below were created as reusable React components. This ensured design consistency and no duplication of styles, which is important in a team with numerous engineers building a product.

Landing Page

After the initial design engagement, Rondaxe came back to and asked us to craft a marketing website for the product. We helped with design, content, and build of the site in Webflow.