RepVue - Design overhaul provides 80% conversion rate increaseRepVue - Design overhaul provides 80% conversion rate increase

Redesign increases
survey completion by 80%

RepVue mobile view device mockup


Sales professionals want to make informed career decisions, but the true nature of a sales role is often obscured by inflated numbers and unrealistic expectations. RepVue’s platform crowdsources ratings for sales organizations to provide extreme transparency around real earnings for sales professionals. With over 100,000 ratings for 11,000 sales organizations globally, RepVue is the world’s fastest growing and largest sales ratings platform.

RepVue approached Dreamten to provide a world-class overhaul of their platform, from their ratings pages to their employer platform and marketing website. We were impressed with CEO Ryan Walsh’s mission to deliver transparency for salespeople and the network effect they’d established thus far. Our goal was to improve usability, boost conversion rates, modernize design and uncover strategies and optimizations to fuel RepVue’s next stage of growth.

May 2022 - Ongoing
Strategy, UX/UI Design, User Research


Avg. Survey Completion Rate
The percentage of visitors that a completed a wage survey saw a dramatic and immediate improvement, following the launch of the new design.


Average Monthly Visitors
The percentage of people who began to add a company rating also increased dramatically from the old website and previous add a rating process.

“Project was on time, within budget and we were exceptionally happy with the final output. We expected improvements to the conversion metrics and SEO within a few months, but it actually started improving within just a couple days of rolling out the new site.”

Ryan Walsh
Founder & CEO, RepVue
Ryan Walsh
Founder & CEO