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Fathom is a way to effortlessly recall and share important moments from your Zoom calls. Instead of hurriedly taking notes while trying to stay engaged in conversation, Fathom lets you click a button to highlight portions of your call.  When the call is finished, Fathom gives you a fully transcribed recording with all of your highlights saved. These can easily be sync'd to a CRM or productivity tool, or shared via email or Slack.

We happen to be heavy users of Fathom here at Dreamten. We're on Zoom calls every day and clients are sharing with us important details that we have to keep track of. Previously it was a trade-off. Either stay engaged in conversation but have terrible notes. Or take detailed notes but have awkward pauses and stops that can derail the conversation. With Fathom, we don't worry about missing detail because we always have the recording, a transcript, and our highlights saved. Fathom genuinely helps us sleep better at night.

Jan 2019 - Ongoing
Strategy, UX/UI Design, Animation, Web Design & Development
Fathom named AI Product of the Year by Product HuntFathom is the #1 Highest Rated SMB Tool for Conversation Intelligence


App on the Zoom App Marketplace
New user signups in first 2 months
Rating & 1,100+ reviews on G2 Crowd

“Your team has become a crucial part of our success.”

Richard White
CEO, Fathom
Richard White, CEO, Fathom

Finding Product-Market Fit through Customer Feedback

The Fathom team is constantly talking to customers and gathering feedback to address real user needs. Much of the product has been shaped around solving real problems of customers. A deep understanding of who their target customer has led to a product that shot to the top of the Zoom App Store upon launch and is growing by thousands of users every week.

Scaling Design with a Design System

As Fathom adds new features and the development team scales, having a central source of truth for design is crucial. This ensures visual and brand consistency throughout the product and a cohesive experience for users.

Telling the Story of Fathom

We wanted visitors to "get" the story of Fathom in the quickest and easiest way possible.  We created a series of product animations that tells the story of Fathom on a single, scrollable webpage.

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