Design overhaul boosts conversions by 35%

Egnyte Platform Graphic


Egnyte was originally founded in 2007 as a cloud file sharing and collaboration platform, similar to Dropbox, but targeted at enterprise. Over time the file sharing platform evolved to include automated regulatory and compliance (for HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, etc.), ransomware and threat detection, content intelligence, content lifecycle management, and more—differentiators that make Egnyte invaluable and sticky for their target customers.

In 2022, Egnyte reached $150M ARR with 25% to 35% YoY growth for the last 5 years. They reached out to Dreamten back in 2020 to overhaul their digital presence for their next stage of growth and to position the company to IPO.

Mar 2020 - Ongoing
Strategy, Website Design, Design & Usability Consulting, Illustration, Front End Development


Conversion Rate Increase
Average increase measured 6 mo following the launch of a new home page, pricing page, and platform pages


Average Monthly Visitors
Average monthly visitor increase spans over the course of working with Egnyte since our engagement initially began in 2020.

"Stakeholders not only commented on their speed but also noted the quality of their work.Their ability to strategize is invaluable."

"Stakeholders not only commented on their speed but also noted the quality of their work. Their ability to strategize is invaluable."

Rachel Anderson
Creative Director, Egnyte
Rachel Anderson, Creative Director, Egnyte

A New Design Language

The Egnyte brand has dozens of iterations without a true creative direction being settled on for the business.  We began with an updated home that established a new creative direction emphasizing security and governance targeted at Enterprise customers.

Explaining a Complex Product

Egnyte is a complex product and conveying it's value without relying on competitor names is a challenge. We constructed a series of illustrations and animations to help convey the complexity and various domains and value areas the Egnyte platform covers.

Egnyte 404 Illustration

A Design Language at Scale

A series of components and templates were constructed in a visual and in browser design system via our Systematize service. This allowed Egnyte's internal web and marketing team to build new templates and pages quickly on their own.

Egnyte's Design System

An Iterative Overhaul

When a website contains over 10,000 unique pages, overhauling everything at once is impossible.  We instead took an iterative approach, starting with high impact pages to slowly evolved the Egnyte design language to better target enterprise and communicate it’s value.

Egnyte CareersEgnyte Platform Feature Page
Egnyte Platform - Sharing & CollaborationEgnyte Life Sciences Page
Sample Feature Area from an Egnyte Platform PageEgnyte Feature Image
Egnyte Blog Example Design